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From the PHP Team

Employee Spotlight: Rita Waggoner

PHP's social worker, Rita Waggoner, is a strong asset to the PHP team and manages cases involving behavioral health issues. Rita enjoys that she is encouraged to be creative and think outside the box in ways that provide more services and access to service for PHP members.

Get to Know PHP’s Social Worker 


Rita Waggoner joined PHP on February 1, 2016 in the new role of PHP Social Worker. Coming from Lutheran Health System, she was drawn to PHP because of its reputation and appreciates working for a company where she is encouraged to be resourceful and innovative.

Read on to get to know a little more about Rita, her role at PHP, and a few fun facts!


Let’s Get the Facts


How did you first learn about PHP?

Rita worked for Lutheran Hospital for 9 years, and while there always found PHP to be an easy company to work with. As a social worker, she would often call PHP to check on benefits for patients. She worked frequently with Sherri Frame, a PHP case manager, who contacted her about coming over to PHP as a social worker to be a part of the PHP Case Management team.


What made you want to join our team? 

Rita loves the atmosphere at PHP. She was “excited and nervous” to join the team. Coming from a role that was very established, and everything about her role at PHP was new. She has found it very interesting to learn more about the insurance side – policies and process guidelines.


What do you find most rewarding about working at PHP?

Rita enjoys that she is encouraged to be creative and think outside the box in ways that provide more services and access to service for PHP members. She has located many free or low-cost behavioral health therapy programs available that PHP was not utilizing. For members who haven’t met their deductible, behavioral health therapy can be very expensive, so she finds it very rewarding to share these options with our members.


How would you describe your role at PHP to someone who doesn’t work in health insurance? 

Rita manages cases involving behavioral health. When information is submitted from a provider, she reviews it, and verifies criteria and guidelines to assure the case will meet approval. She also manages authorization on neurological, psychological, and autism testing.


What does leadership look like to you?

Honest, trustworthy and someone that is black and white are qualities that Rita looks for in a leader.  She loves to be involved in change, and enjoys when people are progressive. 


Shifting Gears, Here’s Some Favorites


What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

Rita recently returned from a 10 day vacation in Italy with her husband. She refers to it as a life changing experience – being in a different culture, trying new foods, and seeing how other people live. She couldn’t get enough of the history and architecture.


What is your favorite thing to do in Fort Wayne?

With her husband, Rita enjoys trying restaurants on Friday nights.


Do you have a life motto or mantra?

“When it comes to social work, the greatest social worker ever was Mother Teresa.” Rita is inspired by her quotes, and her love for human beings and the human spirit. She admires how much Mother Teresa cared so much for others, and can appreciate the struggles she went through.



Thank you, Rita, for your enthusiasm, care, and creativity with which you represent PHP!